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Spur gears with helicoid teeth are called Helical Gears. The majority of calculations for spur gears can be applied to helical gears too. This type of gear comes with two kinds of tooth profiles in accordance with the datum surface. (Figure 2.9) Fig. 2.9 Right-handed Helical Gear (Important Gear Terminology and Gear Nomenclature in Fig 2.9. How to work out good tooth counts to come up with a desired gear ratio for multi-stage gearing. gear generator progra. The ratio used should be the one suggested on the label of the chosen oil. Vintage snowmobiles and motorcycles from that era suggested premix ratios ranging from 20:1 to 40:1. Conventional 2-stroke oils from the 70's would have a fraction of the film strength of today's sophisticated synthetic 2-stroke oils. Anyone who rode snowmobiles back. Calculating the torque multiplication that your axle gears provide is quite easy. You can do this by multiplying by the gear ratio. For instance, if both the engine and transmission deliver up to 100 ft./lbs. of torque to the pinion gear and the gear ratio of the ring-and-pinion is say 4.12:1, the output torque is 412 ft./lbs. i.e. 100 x 4.12.
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